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Very rarely do you come across a person so fully expressed by and so deeply connected to his music than that which you encounter with Emmett Franz. You cannot separate him from his music or his music from him, they seem to be one Franz and the same being. This could largely be afforded to Emmett's growing up as a musician, surrounded by musicians; his family toured professionally for 20 years, recording and writing their own original music as well as rearranging and reinventing other's. Emmett showed great promise as a musician as a small child, harmonies and beautiful tones seem to be embedded in his bones they so easily flow out of him.

Emmett2 Emmett started playing the dobro at the age of 14 and has since become one of the most accomplished dobro players in the country. We've seen the dobro in bluegrass, country and blues for years, but Emmett likes to imagine the dobro in places it hasn't been before, effortlessly administering his admiration of rock and pop into the world of acoustic music.

Chelsea Emmett stepped into composing in his early 20's, dabbling here and there with melodies and arrangements, proving there are endless possibilities up in his head. In 2011 and 2012 he recorded the soundtrack for seasons 1 and 2 of the hunting show Colin Hallowed Ground , opening a new dimension in his musical repertoire. Also in 2012 he collaborated on an album with Chelsea Moon , a beautiful vocalist from Los Angeles, and on another album with folk artist Colin Elmore from Missouri.

He is currently based out of Springfield, Missouri working as a studio musician, touring with various artists, and writing and composing his own music.