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Sorrow is Inevitable

With a title like 'Inevitable Sorrow' you'd think the song would be terribly tragic. It's not. I wrote it with nothing but happiness in mind. I swear it's a love song. I always feel a bit corny writing love songs, because none of them are written from a perspective of experience. But I feel like all of the songs I write are so stinking dark that I should change it up every once in a while. So this song is a by product of 'changing it up'. Read more »

Recording: Day 6

Madi Cunningham finally found her way into the studio to sing some lead and background vocals. What a way to wrap up the recording. She may very well be my favorite vocalist on the planet. I'm so happy she agreed to be a part of this project.

So that's it for recording. All the parts are there. Now I just have to get it mixed and mastered. I have solo project! Just like that. I am so grateful for all the exceptional friends I have that volunteered their skills to a dobro player from Missouri. It's so cool to be around musicians who are willing to participate just for the sake of making good music. It's helped me rediscover my love of music and how much fun it is to make it. Read more »

Recording: Day 5

Jon got the rest of the bass work done. It took him about 20 minutes or so. The bass tones are amazing. He really knows his tone. Read more »