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Recording: Day 4

The drums came in on day 4 and it was pure magic. Jon's friend, Rob, brought so much life to the tracks. It's funny how after the first day I'm like, 'This track sounds great!', but then with every new part that comes in I'm like, 'Okay, NOW it sounds great!' And then my mind gets blown all over again. That's how it was with Rob. The movement he created, the mood he set, the flavor he brought was all just perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I now realize I forgot to take any pictures while he was here. My bad.

After Rob took off, I sang the last of my lead parts and then we finally got to hear Jon do what he does so well. Plucking the bass notes.

He's got so much talent it makes me mad, but at least he's cool enough to play on my tunes.