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Sorrow is Inevitable

With a title like 'Inevitable Sorrow' you'd think the song would be terribly tragic. It's not. I wrote it with nothing but happiness in mind. I swear it's a love song. I always feel a bit corny writing love songs, because none of them are written from a perspective of experience. But I feel like all of the songs I write are so stinking dark that I should change it up every once in a while. So this song is a by product of 'changing it up'.

I feel like I've been smacked with a lot of cold realities of life these past couple of years. You can't count on circumstances to provide you with joy. Not that bad things will always happen. Sometimes the things you love simply go away. Just don't put all your stock in the good things of life. Change is a common occurrence. Enjoy them while they last. Then move on when they don't. Focus on the love you've been shown.

Those are some of the thoughts I had while writing this tune. I didn't get to say it all in the song, but the general theme is there. I hope you enjoy it.