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Recording: Day 1

Recording went well today. Morale is high. Everyone seems to be in good spirits. I tracked out all the songs on dobro and vocals. Scratch vocals. There were no keepers. Then, after a grocery run, we ended up getting piano tracked on two songs. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

March! (the month)

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Things I Don't Understand

There is a phrase that people use frequently online that I have trouble with. The phrase is 'words cannot express'. What troubles me is that people will say 'words cannot express' followed by more words... If words can't say it, then what are we doing here? Words are our primary form of communication, especially online, and until they invent a way to send hugs via internet (Facebook already developed a way to send pokes, so I feel like hugs are close) then you'll have to do your best with words... I guess you could send a video of yourself crying, but who would want to watch that?